1.2 alpha | Suggestions Update

It’s the biggest roll update since the beginning!

Major Updates

  • Added suggestion system
  • The bot will no longer error when you send it a DM.

Minor Updates

  • Changed some of the language used to make more grammatical sense.
  • Updated the kick command
  • Made basically everything better

Bug Fixes

  • The kick command will now no longer return a promise code when the bot is lacking permissions, it will now send a message to the user.
  • The help command will no longer show non-existent categories.

Suggestion system

There is too much new here to explain, you can find it in one of our guides (wip).

Type !help suggest to get a list of commands.

If you’re a server owner, you can type !suggestion help to get a list of suggestion setup commands.

You can also type !suggestion status to get the current status & settings of the suggestion system.

Please remember to join our discord server for support, plus please remember to report any bugs you find!